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10:45 -11:15 a.m. Torah School 
 Tuesday nights 6:15 - 7:15 p.m. for Healing Service
at  2111 S. Alma School Road, Ste 13, Mesa, AZ 85210
The love of God Ministries

Christian Bible Study Fellowship

Like all great things, The Love of God Ministries also has its humble beginnings. Our Kingdom-centered bible study fellowship has actively worked for more than ten years in Mesa, Arizona. Join us and learn about our Hebrew roots through the Scriptures and experience the power of healing and restoration through the Word of God.

Our Founder

Overseer Ronnie Anderson, our founder, leads the ministry. After graduating from Alleghany College in 1997 with a degree in English and an honorary AA in history,  he entered a career in the National Football League. During his five-year stay, he played for the Green Bay Packers, the Miami Dolphins and the Arizona Cardinals. He even received an NFC championship ring in 1998 while playing with the Green Bay Packers.

Heeding God’s call Overseer Ronnie began to serve and work in different aspects of the ministry including Sports Out-Reach Camps and speaking to youth throughout the Phoenix Valley. He served as the acting Director of the New Visitor Reception Team, taught the weekly class Hope & Healing and operated as an Elder in the local church body. He also had the opportunity to spend time teaching at several of the men’s minimum security prisons, lead substance abuse classes and family counseling sessions among other things. In March 2007 both Ronnie and his beautiful wife Loretta whom he married in 1999, accepted God’s call to pastor a new congregation. Together they co-founded The Love of God Ministries in Mesa Arizona. Overseer Ronnie received his ordination acknowledged through the ministry of 2 Timothy 4:5 Church Ministry Association "CMA".

God's Calling

Overseer Anderson understands the importance of having a close relationship with the Lord. Although he was at the peak of his career then, he chose to follow the path that God showed him. So, in 1999, Overseer Anderson gave up his football career for something bigger: he devoted his life to faith and teaching. Thereafter, tor Overseer Anderson worked as a diversion counselor, venturing to different aspects of the ministry such as leading sports outreach camps and speaking to the youth throughout the Phoenix Valley. Overseer Anderson served the new visitor's reception team as its acting director, and began teaching weekly classes at Hope and Healing. He also served as an Elder in the local church body.

Overseer Ronnie and Loretta Anderson

Loretta Anderson co-founder of The Love of God Ministries

Loretta became the first member of one the new and dynamic churches in Chandler, AZ at the time. Working in many different departments, Children’s Church, Greeters, Singles Ministry, Praise & Worship and the Finance departments there was a passion ignited in her for the Word of God. When she met Ronnie Anderson she knew that there was something different about him, she recognized the call of God on his life and knew that they were destine go do something great for God in the valley. Together Overseers Ronnie and Loretta Anderson have committed to teaching that Your Faith Works through Love!


Key Mission

Our mission is to spread the word of God to everyone, as the Scripture said in Galatians 5:6: "If we are in Christ Jesus, neither circumcision nor non-circumcision counts for anything, but only faith activated and energized and expressed through love" (AMP).

Contact us in Mesa, Arizona and discover new ways to revitalize your walk with God through our bible study fellowship.